Liquid Honey

Unpasteruized Honey

Our 500g wildflower honey is pure, natural and unpasteurized - hand processed right from the hives on our property.  Mother nature has approved all the ingredients that have gone into the making of our golden gift and the girls are all a buzz about bringng their product direct from the beehive to you.  


500g jar - $8.00

with honey dipper -$10.00

Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey

Creamed honey is made in our own kitchen under temperature control so we don't compromise the nutritional benefits.  Fresh from the hive and blended together to make a creamy and spreadable honey that is great on toast, bagels or crackers and an excellent replacement for peanut butter. 


Regular creamed honey 

Cinnamon creamed honey


500g tub - $9.00 ea

Specialty Honey

Flavoured Infused Honey

If you thought the taste of honey couldn't have gotten any better then you haven't tried our infused honey.  We start with our own wildflower honey and carefully infuse the natural  ingredients over days until  we reach the delicious flavour that everyone has come to love. Our infused honey can be used for cooking, marinade or dip. Or it can be used to simply flavour your tea.  


Lavender infused    

Hot Chili infused      

Lemon infused        

Ginger infused        

Garlic infused            

Cinnamon infused


320 g - $8.00

with a dipper - $10.00

Honey Treats

Honey Treats (straws)

Individual servings - made by hand with our own honey.  Great for coffee and tea or as a child's snack.  You can use them as a team energy boost or part of a gift.  


- Cherry                   

 - Blueberry

 - Strawberry     

- Watermelon     

 - Natural          

 - Butterscotch

- Egg Nog

- Banana Cream

 - Orange 

- Irish Cream

- Cappuccino 

- Peach 

- Apple

- Cotton Candy

- Cinnamon Roll

- English Toffee


3 for $1.00

Wholesale Option

contact us for details

Lip balms

Beeswax Lip balms

Let our bees kiss your lips with the sweetness of our hives.  Our 100% natural, smooth and creamy formula is made to  protect your lips from the weather while leaving them soft and silky.

Flavours Available











$3.50 ea

Lotion Bars

Natural Beeswax Lotion Bars

Nourishes your skin with gifts from the hives.  Great for dry skin and convenient to carry around - skin cream in a bar. Our 30g bars are hanmade using natural products such as dandelion infused oil, made from our own dandelions and beeswax made by our busy bees. 







$5.50 ea


Homemade beeswax candles

Like all of our products, our candles are handmade,  individually poured and 100%  pure beeswax.  

Votives - 4 pkg $10.00

Tea Lites - 6 pkg $7.50

Wooden handmade candle holders, with candle - $25.00

Beeswax candles are natural and do not release toxins or artificial perfumed fragrances into the air.  Beeswax candles are scientifically better in that they release negative ions into the air when they burn.  Pollen, dust, dirt, and other airborne pollutants carry a positive charge and remain suspended in the air. The negative ions released from burning beeswax negates the positive charge from air contaminants.  The neutralized ions are then pulled back towards and into the burning candle cleansing the air naturally.

Beeswax does not go bad or spoil like other candles.  Over time, the wax develops a light powdery substance called bloom.  It is not mold and can be buffed or polished off....or left on for effect.

Custom event favours and gifts

Personalized favours make great gifts whatever your event!

Showers, weddings, graduations, birthday parties or company promotions - our girls would love to bee buzzzzzie filling your order with their natural products.  

Honey Favours

Have your guests buzzing over your unique personalized favours.  Our 150g wildflower honey with a white lid can be displayed with or without a honey dipper on the side.  Your choice of customized label so that your guests will know that your love was "Meant to Bee".   Or perhaps you want to introduce a new ba-bee or a mother to bee.......  What about a graduation party celebrating what lays bee-yond.  The options are endless.

Lip balm Favours

Customized, 100% natural lip balm will be "da balm" at your next event.  Whether you are "kissing your old life good-bye" or introducing the new ba-bee, we have a lip balm for you.